The Secrets to Winning a Paintball Game

Today I’m going to share my secrets to win a Paintball game. If you’re a beginner on the battlefield, here are a few quick tips that will surely help you to survive more in the game. Yes, the physical experience always makes the differences but that’ll develop gradually. In such case, the article will help you to plan and trap like a pro. So, let’s go and shoot the enemies down!

Be keep your cool. Don’t afraid of the Paintball game itself. Read our previous article to learn about how safe is Paintball as a sports activity? Don’t afraid of being hurt. It’s all about some scratches and bruises. Stay focused and enjoy yourself. There is nothing to get worried!

Knowing opponents – If you want to make a proper war strategy, find out the strengths and weakness of the opponents. But How? Try to figure out the key players and type of weapon they’re using at the time of team selection. Being observant but keep yourself low as they’re also doing the same thing. For example, figure out ammunition the supplier to the key players.

Understanding own team is a key. So, begin with teammates. Quick investigate your team members it’ll help you to understand the strength and weakness. To steer a defensive game plan, you always need to have a quality sniper because experienced and accurate sniper will help to build great defense tactics and still do make the difference. In case you don’t have one it’s better to go with the attacking strategies.

Yes, I do know the question you’re going to ask me next is “How to pick the right person?” Actually, it’s not rocket science to understand the team. For example, find a person or two who are precise considering shooting out targets. In this case, the body structure also plays an important role. Less active, easily noticeable, and sharpshooters are perfect for the position of the sniper. So if your team has more of such members draw a defensive tactic and trap your opponents to death.

Another good example I would like to share is knowing your team by talking. I am sure few members don’t want to mess with the people on the battlefield or might have fear to get hit. A Gunner, Guard, Rifleman, Infantry or Scout is the best position for them.

I know the experience is a big issue but believe me if you plan and execute them properly in no time you’ll become a commando.

Team Game – Remember that Paintball is a team game. So, move with your team. At the beginning of the game make a solid team leader. Every game differs from each other depending on the target to achieve. For example, rescue hostage, depending specific positions or flag capturing. So, stay focused and help each other at the same time maintaining your position to achieve the target.

The strategy is going to decide the winners or losers. So, stick to the plan. I will say by understanding the strengths and weakness of both sides make two plans. Because in war you always need to have a plan B. Even plan C!!! Nothing to be surprised losing men in quick succession can force your platoon to step backward and defense. So be ready for anything and don’t overthink. Take your time and execute as quickly as possible.

Simply stick to the plan. Don’t overwhelm of the situation. Remember in the battlefield, “The best defense is a good attack.” So, once you’re steering a good attack don’t stop until the situation arises as you planned.

Be lethal – move like a big cat. Move silently gives you an advantage in real games. Keeping yourself low and silent will make you less noticeable. The less you’re noticed, the less the chances to get hit.

Unnecessary activities such as improper camouflage, frequent movements, radios, sounds, etc. might help the opponents to trace your position. I will suggest to use signs instead of talking.

For example, while reloading use your hands to give a signal to sniper to cover you. So, by adopting these techniques, you can easily reach the advantageous place in the battlefield without blowing your disguise.

Setting a trap is one of the most advanced skills you need in the war front. When I play in woods, I use dark camouflage to get mix with nature. Don’t come in the field wearing camouflages. Even wear a bright T-shirt instead to get noticed before the game starts. As the game begins to use that T-shirt to dodge your opponents. You can simply hang the T-shirt and wait to get noticed by the opponent. Shoot them out as they reach your desired position.

Frequently changing the strategy in every game leaves your opponents confused. So, think different to win every time.

Hold the position as the Paintball guns are quite loud. Unnecessary firing helps the opponent to trace your location. Don’t fire out of range targets and don’t waste the ammunition stock. Keep yourself low and find the better position before firing down the opponents. I’ll suggest shooting in the following situations only:

  1. At the beginning of the game to test your Paintball Maker. To check that the Maker works properly.
  2. Next when you feel that you’re in perfect position to hit the target opponents.
  3. Or to cover your teammates. There is a lot of situation arise when you need to move for better positions. In such case, for keeping down the opponents, you need to steer covering fire.

Don’t hurry up to call yourself out. Better wait for the referee to call you out. Sometimes Paintball burst very close to you without hitting you. So, call the referee to check that you’re hit or not. This is called bounce means you can carry on the game.

Don’t show unnecessary smartness. As long as you’re new to the game make sure you’re going according to the plan. Remember putting on an unplanned heroic move is inviting your death and you got out of the game. So, stay calm and focused and follow the instructions. Losing a member can cost the game in Paintball.



There are so many cool things about like:

1. Speed

Paintball guns have the capabilities of shooting 15paintballs/second. Paintballs can move at a distance of 45meters at 200mph. This speed is fast enough to cause the gelatin capsule to break upon hitting any surface.It is a game where players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with gelatin ink capsules to eliminate them.

2. Popularity

In the six continents, paintball is played in hundreds of countries. However, the rules have been customized in each country, so many operations differ. Some use capture the flag (capturing one’s shots) or elimination (hitting and eliminating players). Most teams carry 12-15 players. However, in some countries, this sport is not allowed.

3. Safety

With the gun, helmet, body armor and goggles, paintball has been reported to be one of the lowest in the number of injuries in sport. Paintball players wear protective outer clothing with some padding to secure them in case of anything like a fall on a rough surface.

4. Playground

Paintball can be played indoors or outdoors. Indoor arenas are staged with obstacles and corners while outdoor, the natural jungle, trenches can be used.

5. Professional

Paintball is not only played for entertainment but also professionally. One can earn prize money after winning. Paintball technology is also used in military training and also in non-lethal suppression of criminals.

6. Adventure in adrenaline

When you try it, the first time butterflies and tingles never stop. The anticipation never gets old, boring or normal. Even after a few games of paintball, you still go feeling like a pro rookie. The moments are abrupt, unpredictable and they pump adrenaline to exciting levels. There is no pro feeling, just instantaneous instincts to do this do that. It makes it a whole new adventure every day.

7. Exercise

If you are a gym dummy, try paintball. Obviously, you won’t be going, but that once in a while burns a lot of calories and makes you feel so much alive. The jumping, the sprinting, the crawling the climbing, it’s all insane. When done, that’s when you notice how on toes you’ve been.

8. Competition

Anyone who likes to compete will love this game. The countdown makes it seem like a real ‘’who wins’’ game. This is a game where you can try to win and feel the fun in it.

9 .Teamwork

Teamwork is a great tool in paintball. It’s cool how many people come as competitive and lacks teamwork, but in like the next two sessions, they grow to a completely different person. Understanding teamwork is key to the coolest part of this game.

10. Friendships

One minute you are shooting an opponent you don’t know, and the next minute one of you is telling the other how badass they are. And just like that, you build friendships that could lead to bigger things while having fun. Hanging out with friends in paintball is super cool and brings you closer to each other.

11. Equipment

When it comes to equipment, there is always some cool stuff to try. The mask, hopper, tank, gun, and paintballs. However, the thrill comes when you are choosing the guns. They come in different styles, models and specifications. You could use old type of paintball guns, simple recreational or the ones used in real professional tournaments. All these types have to be played with various strategies to get the best out of it.

12. History

Originally called paintball markers, paintball guns were invented in the 70’s by Crosman and Daisy. Due to their range and preciseness, they were used by foresters to mark fauna and flora. Paintball was then invented by Hayes Noyes and Charles Gaines but was developed by Bob Gumsey who created the rules of the game. In 1989, the first paintball game ever was played in New Hampshire with their friends. Since then Paintball grew to what it is today. In 1989, Tippmann created the first automatic gun.

13. Paintball ink

In contrary to how people think that paintball uses paint, it is capsules made of gelatin that is filled with water soluble and biodegradable material. And yes, it is completely non-toxic and you can eat it. It tastes terrible though. When shot, the capsule bursts open hence releasing the colors.

Having fun during the game is one of the coolest things. Adrenaline thrill enthusiasts will love this game. It’s not only a great sport but also an extremely safe one too. And the things you learn while at it, invaluable. Teamwork, empathy, prioritizing and strategy are all smart takeaway skills of the game.



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