Things I Hate about Paintball

Paintball is a very fun game and can be very immersive when playing with friends and relations. It is a competitive shooting sport where teams have to tactically eliminate opponents from another team. This is done using paintball guns that shoot spherical capsules which are dye-filled. When the capsules hit a target, they break and smear the dye-filled inside them. The sport tries to replicate battlefields and the thrill is something worth experiencing.

Furthermore, Paintball can be played by a wide range of people. A lot of adults can be seen on the game field and even teens are not left behind. I think before I proceed you need to know that the things listed on this write-up are just opinions and not something that should cause arguments. Also, all the things discussed below are true and are just what I hate about paintball. This does not make the sport any less interesting but they can be annoying at times.


So what are the things I hate about Paintball?

  • Amount of money needed to play

Simply put, if you want to have an experience worthwhile as a paintballer, you have to spend lots of money! It is very expensive to play competitively. The amount of money it costs to upgrade guns, paint and the entry fee at game fields is insane for a game.

If you are lucky you might have a game field close to your house. If you are not, try adding up how much it costs to pay for lodging and traveling; then you will see exactly what I am talking about!


  • Mask Shots and Overshooting

If there is one thing that sucks about Paintball, it is cleaning your gear and mask. It takes lots of time (hours) to get the paint off especially on the mask.

Coupled with that is Overshooting which a lot of people seem to do. There was a time when just a shot or two is enough to show someone that they have been eliminated. Now even when it is clear that someone just got a headshot, it will still be followed by at least four shots at different spots on the person’s body. This is crazy! Imagine the amount of time it is going to take to get the paint off.

Overshooting also makes it hard for new players to adapt which means a lot of people stop playing before they even get started.


  • Paintballs (i.e. the dye-filled capsules)

If you have ever been stuck by those balls without wearing proper gear, you will understand what I’m saying. Even when you wear the right gear, unless you play the game for a while, the paintballs hitting you actually hurts although it hurts even more if you are not wearing proper protection at all.



Although the game itself is great, there is still something that infuriates one about it. Of course, these things can be overlooked as petty, they also make the sport look like a sport only thugs and “bad people” play. It is worth a trial if you are looking for a sport where you can feel the thrill and rush of being in a shooting action movie!

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