Top 7 Airsoft Games You Must Experience

Airsoft is more than just shooting at people. It is a very fun recreational sport that that even novices and pro players can enjoy. There are a variety of airsoft game types which one can play to make it interesting. You have got the airsoft gun, gear, and the sidearm. You have a couple of your friends joining you for the day out on the airsoft battlefield.

How is that you make your day out fun and interesting for everyone? The answer is pretty simple ? ?Play variations of Airsoft Game Types.? Many airsoft lovers will agree that nothing can beat a heart-pounding, hardcore airsoft battle and executing a successful airsoft battle requires proper planning.

As airsoft?s popularity has increased over the years so has the different number of ways in which airsoft battles can be played. There is a wide selection of different Airsoft battles to play out there, where each one comes with their own set of rules, variations, and guidelines specified before the game begins.

Some of the airsoft battle types mentioned here work well with a smaller group of people who are willing to follow specific rules. Well, you will have already played some of these games, and we do not claim all of these battles to be original. Some battles mentioned here are invented by friends, some are a word of mouth recommendations based on their experiences, and some are from my insane mind.

Here are few of the most popular airsoft battle types among players, we are going to make this list short and subtle, straight to the point –

1) Touch The Flag (TTF)

This airsoft game is played between two teams where each team has to touch the opponent team?s flag. This is a tactical airsoft game that sounds simple to play but is not. Each team will have a home base where the flag is placed. There should be two different colored flags to differentiate the teams. To win the airsoft battle, the opposing team has to get the flag to their home base without being shot the by the opponents. It might sound simple, but it is very hard to get that flag when other people are defending it. The gameplay can be made more interesting with no cover around it and making the players respond every minute, i.e. when there is a new minute, they spawn. These kinds of rules make the gameplay more challenging and create mayhem amongst the teams.

2) President/Escort

This is among one of the most exciting airsoft battles played these days, regardless of the kind of airsoft gun or airsoft gear you have, you will enjoy it. The game begins with one person in the team as a president. Half of the players of the game are assassins while the remaining half serve as bodyguards to the president. The bodyguards have to escort the president to a specific objective point to win or a certain location. The opponent team attempts to kill the escort or the entire team. The bodyguards have to be on alert all the time and protect the president at all cost.

The goal of the opponents or the assassins is to kill the president before he reached the destined safe place. Generally, the attacking hides themselves somewhere while the escorts and the president are traveling along the usual path to reach the designated location. However, if the assassins kill the president before he reaches the designated location, the game is over, and the assassins win. The president?s team wins if he reaches the designated location without being shot. This kind of an battle requires a great amount of strategy to win despite the rules being so simple.

3) Sniper

This airsoft battle is very much similar to hide and seek game. One player uses a sniper rifle or bolts action rifle during the gameplay. The person using the sniper rifle has to hide within 2 minutes before the team can start searching for him. The person having sniper rifle should look for a good hiding spot so that the opponents cannot trace him. However, the sniper can move here and there to different hiding spots without being caught. Whenever a sniper is shot by the opponent, he or she will be escorted back to a starting safe checkpoint. In case the sniper has shot again he loses the game. For the sniper to win the airsoft battle, he or she has to eliminate the opponent before they eliminate him.

4) Team Deathmatch (TDM)

This kind of battle is the most common and fastest way to play airsoft. It is played between two teams where rather than having individual lives for each player the entire team is given a specific number of respawns. There is a referrer in the game which keeps a track on how many times players from a team have returned for a new spawn. The team that exhausts all their spawns first is the loser, and the other team wins. The team which has all its players out of the airsoft battlefield first is the one that loses. There is no specific objective to this, just kill the opponents. This kind of gameplay requires constant communication among players to win the game.

5) Hostage Rescue

It is played between two teams where one team comprises of the hostages and rescuers while the other consists of the guards. All hostages are placed at different locations in the airsoft battlefield and surrounded by guards. The rescuers now have to release all the hostages without being shot by the guards. The rescuers have to bring the hostages to their Homebase or a safe place. The rescuers are allowed to carry extra airsoft pistols to give them to the hostages when they rescue them. If the guards successfully eliminate the rescuers before they rescue the hostages, they are the winners. However, if the rescuers are successful in bringing all the hostages to a safe place, they win the game.

6) Force on Force

This battle involves a chaotic plastic firefight between two or more teams where each player has an infinite number of respawns. The gameplay continues until a specific time out specified during the game, which is usually ten to fifteen minutes. This game might not have a winner at the end of the match, but one can decide as to who won the match by seeing which team was farthest into opponents half of the battlefield at the end of the game. This is a great warm-up airsoft battle. You can gear up for complicated objectives for the rest of the day on the battlefield by playing this first. If you are new to the airsoft battlefield, playing force on force will help you acquaint yourself with the map. One also gets an opportunity to test their airsoft equipment?s in a live scenario to assess what works best and what not so that they can dump the remaining stuff in the staging area.

7) Special Forces

This airsoft battle is much like a military simulation and has gained popularity for training purposes. The two teams in this game are the Bad Guy Team and the Special Forces team. The bad guy team has eight players and can use weapons like AK-47, SVD, AK-74, Sig 552. The special forces team has four players and can use weapons like G36C, PDW, M16, MP5, M4, etc. The objective of this game is that the special forces team has to eliminate the bad guy’s team within 5 minutes. To win the game, the teams can make the best use of their airsoft shotguns, airsoft rifles, and airsoft pistols for side arms.

To make the gameplay more interesting, the teams can also choose to use airsoft grenades. Just like with any other airsoft battle, you should always put on the protective gear to avoid any accidents or mishaps leading to serious injuries. Since the bad guy’s team has eight players (twice as many players as the special forces team), they always begin with an advantage over the special forces team.

Regardless of whatever airsoft game you try, there will be few rules which crossover between them and it is important that the volunteer or referee ensures that everyone in the game knows about all the rules.

I am hoping that you learned something new and interesting from this long list of airsoft battle types. All these games can be also be scaled to smaller or larger groups based on the number of players. Those are all the airsoft battle types we can think of right now, if you know any other interesting and challenging airsoft battle types or have curated a good one up, let us know, and we will add it to the list, owing you the credibility for the game type. Finding novel ways to play airsoft battles is important to retain an interest in airsoft as a hobby. Remember airsoft is just for fun so do not cheat or do buttholey things while playing any of these airsoft battles.

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