We played Battle of the Titans


“We have been invited to a paintball battle this weekend to determine the best group.”

“What? I don’t even know how to shoot anything,” Jake complained.

“Mr. Kingsley would never agree to something like that,” Simon said.

“Actually, he does. He even offered to be the referee. As I speak to you, they are already setting things in motion.”

“Aww, man. This is unfair. We are totally going to lose,” Simon said.

“Not necessarily,” I said. “If we train and prepare hard, we are going to win.”

“I agree,” Daniella said. “Look, guys, we still have about four days to prepare. It’s a team of five against five.”

“That means we need to inform Ronald,” I said.


I worked in a big company as a salesman. There were ten of us, and we were divided into two groups of five to determine the beat group. For a whole month, my group and the other group made the same amount of money for the company.

No matter what we did, there was no way to determine the group that is more superior. Now, someone had suggested the paintball game, and I wondered who it was. It was probably someone from the other group who loved the game. Thankfully, I had played paintball two or three times before so I know what to expect. I couldn’t say the same about the others in my group.

For the next four days, we deliberated on different ways we were going to win. A day before the game, we were told the venue of the game and also informed that the company would purchase all the equipment we needed. It was getting real.


On the D-day, I picked up each of my group members in their home and drove all of us to the venue. It was a paintball center. The guys looked dejected, and I didn’t want to concede that we were going to lose in a big way.

On the way, Simon said, “Do you know the number of war movies I watched these past three days? Ten.”

We all laughed. I didn’t even do anything.

Daniella, who was sitting beside me on the passenger seat said, “I got pointers from my brothers. They play the game twice in a month.”

“Well, I played some war games on my PlayStation,” Jake said.

“What about you, Jason, what did you do?” Jake asked.

“Nothing,” I admitted.


“Great,” Simon muttered. “We are gonna lose soundly.”

We arrived at the same time that the other group arrived. They smirked and laughed at us. We did our best to ignore them and walked into the paintball center.

Mr. Kingsley was already waiting. “Great. Are you guys ready to battle? You know, I have given this game a name, and it is called Paintball Battle of the Titans. Isn’t that cool?”

“Yeah!!” the other group screamed. “They were all guys with trim and fit bodies.”

“Who is gonna be the Titans?” Mr. Kingsley screamed.

“We are!” the other group screamed.


“Then let’s go!” Mr. Kingsley screamed. I think he looked too excited.

We were given all the paintball equipment which included the paintball markers, body armors, paintballs, and the paintball masks. We all found our sizes and suited up.

When everyone was ready, Mr. Kingsley spoke up. “Now, this is how the game will be played. One group will enter through the other side, and one group will enter from here. The battle arena is like being in the woods. In fact, it is He or she woods, so you have the chance to dodge and hide. Blah blah blah.

“At least, one man or lady must be left standing from either group. That person must not have a single paintball mark on his or her body armor.”

We all opened our mouths, even the guys from the other group.


“But sir, that is almost impossible,” the team leader of the other group said.

“Nothing is impossible,” Mr. Kingsley said. “You guys said you were titans right? Now is the time to show me. So that you know, we are not leaving here until we have a winner. Even if we have to replay the game ten times. You have one hour.

“Now, get ready to move. I will be at the computers, watching the battle like a general.”

He brought out a coin. “Team leaders, step forward.”

The team leader of the other group stepped forward, but no one stepped forward from our group. Daniella pushed me forward.

“Heads or tail?” Mr. Kingsley asked.

“Heads,” I said.


He threw up the coin and caught it on his wrist. He faced me. “Jason, you and your group, enter from the other side. Kevin, you and your group, enter through here. This is it, guys. Show me what you are made of.”

An attendant directed us to the other entrance, and we entered, hiding behind some large tree trunks.

I faced my group. “So, guys, let’s try out best to dodge as many paintballs as possible. Let’s also watch each other’s backs. Ready? Let’s go. Keep your eyes sharp.”

We moved forward slowly, hiding behind trees. I couldn’t see any of the opponents in the trees. Ronald, the fifth member of our team, rushed out of his hunting place and a lot of paintballs covered his body.

Suddenly, we heard maniacal laughter from the speakers. “It was Mr. Kingsley. Hahahahahaha. Ronald from Jason’s group got his body peppered. Hahaha. Okay, Ronald, you have been eliminated, get out if the arena.”


“Sorry guys,” Ronald said. He walked back out.

“Oh crap, the game has barely started, and we have lost a player already. Let’s surrender,” Simon said.

“Shut up, Simon and move forward,” Daniella said.


I peeped out of my hiding place and through the sight of my paint marker, I targeted the head of one of Kevin’s guys and fired. As his head snapped back, his chest was exposed, and I splattered it with paintball.”

“Hahahaha, I love this game,” Mr.Kingsley laughed.”Swift response from the opposing team as team leader Jason takes out Walter. Walter, get out of the arena.”

We pressed forward in the next few minutes. Unknown to us, Two of Kevin’s teammates had flanked us. They appear suddenly behind us and fired. Daniella and I dived away in time, but Jake and Simon were not so lucky.


“Hahaha,” Mr. Kingsley laughed. “Jake and Simon have been eliminated. I wonder how the remaining two members will fare against four tough guys…”

Just as he finished his speech, Daniella jumped out and took out the two guys who had fired at Jake and Simon. Unfortunately, this gave Kevin and his last guy to fire and eliminate her. This left only me again two guys. I went into hiding.


“This is a classic case of David and Goliath,” Mr. Kingsley was saying. “Now, it’s one person against two tough guys. Can he win? I highly doubt it.”

I hoped he wouldn’t reveal my plan to the opposition. I crawled quietly towards the last position of Kevin and his man. Thankfully, Mr. Kingsley didn’t say anything about my plan.

I was inching closer to the two guys now, and I could hear them whispering. I finally found them understand large branch as they deliberated on how to get me.

I saw my chance and took it. I jumped up suddenly and ran towards them. They snapped their heads in my direction, and their eyes became bigger in surprise.

Before they could lift their paintball markers, I leaped in the air and splattered their armors with paintball. When I landed, I rolled away before they could shoot, and ran.

“Yes! And we have a winner!” Mr. Kingsley screamed.

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