What Airsoft Gear do I Need?

Airsoft can be a truly rewarding and exciting sport for anyone hoping to compete, socialize, exercise or just have their hands on the semblance of an actual gun! But what is the one thing that is just as important as a good airsoft gun? Your airsoft gear! Picked right, you can go into a battle and trust your gear to serve and protect you.

The right gear determines to a great extent just how well you would fare in a battlefield; therefore, if you expect victory, take some time to fully understand gears, how they work and which you need. And, that is why we are here to offer you tips on the best gears to get if you are a new airsoft player. Before then, we’ll look at some airsoft gears for cold weather.

Airsoft Gear in winter

Regular military gear would do just fine in summer, but in winter, you will want to use wool and dress in layers. You want to be able to efficiently cool off if you get too hot, so you don’t sweat and get chilled all over.

Keep your hands and feet as warm as possible and avoid cotton and blue jeans as they get wet and cool off quickly.

Accessories in winter

In cold weather, plastics will become brittle, crack and break. Ensure you use a cold weather lube to avoid getting things gummy or generally slowing stuff down.

Use a high-powered gas in winter, stock up on food and drinks and wrap up in the right clothing to keep warm – we can’t emphasize this enough, staying warm is not only crucial for optimum performance, but for your health, winning wouldn’t mean much if you come down with hypothermia, would it?

Below, are general airsoft gears you should consider owning whether you are a beginner or merely advancing your fortnightly sport.

Masks: Full Mask or Half Mask?

In most well-administrated airsoft fields, a facemask is mandatory before any playing begins, and for good reasons; your eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body during airsoft play.  While players are to never aim the guns directly at other players, “life” happens and the next person screaming out in pain with eyes covered might be you or anyone else.

If just one piece of safety gear is what you buy initially, ensure the eye protection wear is the first, and buy a quality one from a good retailer, not just the first one you find at a regular store.  You may have seen pictures or videos of airsoft players donning only goggles, but those are unsafe and make terrible protection for the eye area.

The ideal face protection would be a steel mesh mask, ski or tactical goggles for keeping the BBs from getting near your eyes. Full face masks are the safest and easiest route to go since they offer complete protection for the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth in just one easily adjusted piece of equipment.

But they come with one not-so-tiny disadvantage; with full masks, you are breathing into the same area as your eyes which can fog the lenses much quicker especially if you play in a field that requires complete eye protection all the time.   For this reason, you may want to opt for a set of tactical goggles and a half mask instead, though this may mean parts of your face are left open and some extra cash spent on each.

If you opt for the latter protection, you should consider investing in a metal mesh or plastic half mask for the sake of your teeth and nose.  A BB hit to the teeth is no joke, and with the velocity at which some BBs travel, they can do some severe damage to your eyes and teeth.

Regular Airsoft Clothing

The nature of the sport makes it very important to protect your body and skin as much you can.  True, BBs are not likely to penetrate the skin on tough clothing like denim but a well-covered body lessens the effect of flying BBs stings, and also keeps you protected from elements around you such as tree limbs, thorn bushes, etc.

To this end, you need a battle dress uniform (BDU), which in this case is usually camouflaged military-designed clothing, they are not just designed to handle battle situations, they help you blend into the gaming area, offer you several pockets for extras, plus you would look brilliant on them.  Purchasing is easy; visit your local military surplus store for new or used ones. Or purchase alongside your other gear at your local airsoft store.

Also, ensure you pick one that is loose-fitting to slow down the BBs before they get a chance to hit the body. However, the clothing shouldn’t be too loose that it gets in the way of the game and your speed.


These need to be comfortable to wear, support your ankles and offer you a good tread for climbing and running. We highly recommend combat or tactical boots as they have been designed to do most of the above. The right boot should be able to protect your feet from items in the field and should also be sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of environment. So, consider all the factors above and then take your time to purchase a pair that is suitable for you.

Head Protection

Fact one: BBs cannot rip your skull open.

Fact two: a direct head shot will sting badly, and one from a high FPS gun can cause a cut.  For that reason, protect your head with a protective helmet. Wearing the right protective helmet like will not only keep your head safe from cuts or scratches to your scalp but also complete your outfit.

As helmets can have various uses including shading your eyes from the sun, soaking up perspiration, so it doesn’t roll down your eyes among the other benefits, you should devote time and money into getting a good quality one.

Airsoft Gloves

Getting hit with BBs in hand areas like the knuckles and nail tips can be painful as there is little fat or muscle to counter the hit. A good pair of gloves will not only tighten your grip on weapons but also bounce off ricochets that would otherwise have hit straight into your bone or soft tissue.

A good pair does not have to be precisely “tactical,” but you would need something a lot better than snow gloves to save your knuckles from loads of BB hits.

Ammo Load-Out Rig

They may not seem so essential, but they are. Ammo pouches are necessary as they help you carry the extra magazines for your weapons. While you could stuff your pocket full of magazines; besides leaving you disorganized and rattling as you move, when things get real and you have to reload your weapon, stuffing ammo in your pocket would be one thing you would wish you never did.

Belt Or Vest: Which Would You Pick And Why?

Picking either a battle belt or a vest all comes down to your playing style and personal preference. It is easy to lean towards a battle belt because after all, they are cheaper than chest rigs but soon, you will realize that like a lot of vests, the high cost comes in the pouches you get.

Also, consider other things you could accomplish with your preferred rig.  With most chest vests, you get magazine pouches that sit up high, a water pack, and extra pockets for any extra BBs, airsoft grenades or other tools you might need for the duration of the sport.

Airsoft on a Budget: Buying Vs. Renting

What if you are on a budget or you are just not looking to spend a lot on the game, and now you are wondering; do I rent or buy mine? Well, it depends on your exact budget and how often you intend to play.

If you plan to play just a few weekends yearly, then buying an airsoft gun or gear may not be worth it in the long run. Instead, attend fields that allow players to rent weapons and equipment. In the U.S several fields offer complete gear rentals (gun, ammo, power source, single high capacity magazine) at just $30 to $40 per day.  This could give you $3hrs of play on average though you may need to skimp on ammo/battery to get more time out of it.

If you intend playing more than a few times yearly, then consider getting your gear. However, if you are a newbie, give the game a try a few times to make sure it’s something you want to stick with in the long run before making any financial commitment.

Lastly; stay hydrated at all times. The sport of airsoft can be exhausting, so you need to keep refueling with good meal/snacks and plenty of water to keep your energy levels up.

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