What do I need to bring to a game of Paintball?

Knowing what to bring to your first paintball game can be a little tricky. Because of that, we have compiled a list of the things you need to bring and what you should not bring.

Extra Paintballs

There is no way you will play paintball without bringing paintballs to the field with you. The paintballs are spherical and are filled with dye or paint. It is these paintballs that you would load into your gun. You can then shoot opponents with the help of the compressed gas you have in your gun or marker’s tank.

There are different type and color of paintballs which are made by different manufacturers/brands. They also come at different prices. The basic idea you should have about them is that the more expensive the paintballs are, the better they are. Unless you are a professional paintball player, any type of paintball will do.

All in all, make sure you bring enough paintballs to last for the number of hours you want to play.


You do not have to follow any requirement when it comes to the kind of cloth you wear. However, because of the nature of the game, you should wear clothes that allow you to maneuver easily. Hence, you want to bring sweat pants, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts to the field if you and your team don’t have a uniform or matching clothes to wear.

Regardless of what you wear, wearing clothes that have colors that blend well with the environment will help mask you better during the game. Wearing a red shirt and trying to hide in a green environment will leave you sticking out to your opponents!

Water and Snacks

This is very important and unless you have visited the game field before and know that they have stands where you can buy water and snacks, you should bring yours. With the amount of running involved and the intense heat of the sun, you will be surprised at how thirsty you’ll be after a few rounds of paintball. Thus, come to the field with a lot of drinking water.

Also, if you suffer from low blood sugar or you get hungry easily, you should bring something you can munch during breaks in the game.

Allen Wrench or screwdriver

This is another important tool you should have with you when coming to play paintball. It is highly unlikely you will need a screwdriver but it can come in handy if you have issues with your paintball marker or gun.

Extra O-Rings

O-rings are a very important component of your paintball gun and tank. They are very notorious for blowing out the worse time possible. Because of this, you should look to having extra ones with you.


Hand towels are very helpful in wiping out paint/dye and dirt in between games during breaks in games.


Of course, this depends on your preference but they are a very handful in protecting your knuckles and gloves from the direct hit of paintballs.


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