What is Paintball Open Play?

Paintball is an interesting and challenging sport that was created around 1980. The main objective of players in the game is to eliminate all member of their opposing team. To do that, the opponent has to be hit or marked by a capsule (paintball) which is filled with dye.

Paintball is both a recreational as well as an Adrenaline pumping game that requires participants to come up with offensive and defensive military tactics to win a round of the game. At times the game is just a battle to know which team can eliminate its opponents. Other times, teams have to complete certain tasks in other to win. There are so many tech gadgets players can utilize in the game to win.

The game is not only played by civilians, but a lot of military agencies also use the game as a way of giving their agents battle experience. Paintball is played on fields which can be outdoor or indoor. Both fields usually have a lot of props to increase and enhance the experience. Some game field even adds buildings, helicopters, tanks as well as other props.


Paintball Open Play means a game of paintball which typically consists of two teams. It usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes after which the participating teams will change/switch sides. Then another 10 to 15 minutes round will start. Depending on the paintball field you visit, there are usually two types of Open Play.

  • Beginners Open Play: The beginners paintball open play is as the name implies for beginners. It is perfect for players who are playing paintball for the first time and have no experience whatsoever in playing the game.
  • Advanced Open Play: This is for professional and regular paintball players. In this kind of game, there are usually specific rules and restrictions each round in other to make the game very interesting and competitive.



Paintball is a game that can be played by anyone. As long as you can run, it does not have to be fast, and you have good eyesight, you are good to go. There are even statistics that prove that Paintball is a very safe sports to engage in. One of the reasons for this is that there are some necessary gears and accessories you have to have before you can be allowed to play the game.

Paintball has a lot of benefits. One of them is that it offers an incredible way of building and strengthening bonds between friends. Some offices even use sport as a way of building and improving office spirit. There is hardly any violence in the game. It is just an advanced game that combines hide and seeks with tag!

Another benefit of Paintball is that it is a very good way of exercising your body as well as mind. This is because a lot of strategizing, running and planning is needed in the game.

One main drawback is that the necessary equipment to stay competitive in the sport as a regular player are expensive. However, if you ask any paintball player, he or she will argue the experience is worth the cost of playing it.

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