What is the Most Powerful Airsoft Gun?

You are finally getting your first airsoft gun, and like all airsoft newbies, you can’t wait! But there’s something else; navigating through the thousands of options in gears and weapons is not even close to being an easy feat. You have so many questions; which type of gun do I get? Do I go with spring, electric or gas? And then there is that one question a lot of people ask; which airsoft gun is the most powerful? In subsequent blog posts, we’ll take a more in-depth look the airsoft gun types, but now we’ll examine “airsoft power.”

While power may not be something some airsoft players are concerned about, it is an important factor nonetheless. However, saying which is the most powerful is almost impossible as many modify their gun in one way or the other. But one thing is true for most of us; we are confined to field rules and shooting 6mm plastic BBs, even though you may come across a few shooting an 8mm plastic BBs, it’s the exception, not the rule.

Another thing you must also know and should be factored into your decision is that airsoft guns are divided into three major categories determined by how they are powered.

They are; electric, spring, and gas powered guns and as expected, they come with their pros and cons.

With all types of airsoft guns generally, durability, power, and appearance are necessary factors to consider, many for example would say see a fully automatic M-16 with a LED light and scope as the perfect airsoft gun in strength and extensive range, the cost, however, is a different story entirely. So, in the end, they are finally forced to stick with a cheaper model that isn’t automatic but does a great job too.

That’s by the way; some of the most powerful airsoft guns are gas operated and can shoot up to 1000 – 1600 FPS slugging a .22 gram bbs.

These are custom-made and are banned (thankfully) in virtually every airsoft field. It seems a lot of people these days conveniently forget that airsoft games aren’t exactly meant to draw blood.  Because how else do we explain why anyone would want so much FPS on an airsoft gun?

Fact is; when it comes to the “most powerful airsoft gun,” it’s hard to find one “most powerful airsoft gun” unless it is custom-designed and altered so much that it becomes too dangerous to be allowed in airsoft fields, which of course completely defeats the purpose. Why own a gun if you can’t play with the team?

So, how fast do “normal” fast airsoft guns shoot?

Several factors go into winning an airsoft game, and prominent among such factors are your coordinating attacks with your teammates and learning tactics that will give you an edge over your opponents. Superior positioning during an airsoft battle is also another way to gain an advantage over your enemies.

If you, however, heard from an “expert” airsoft player that airsoft has everything to do with skill and nothing to do with your equipment, they couldn’t be any farther from the truth than that.  A good airsoft gun with the right FPS (speed) could be the thin line between winning and losing, especially when you have to face an opponent who is just as skilled as you are or even more experienced than you are.

One of the primary features you should, therefore, look out for in a gun is its FPS (feet per second).  The FPS determines how far your gun will be able to shoot. The slower your projectile, the easier it is for your opponents to either get you first or slips away. Also, even when your opponent gets hit, they may not even realize it with a slow FPS – where’s the fun in that?

What Are The Options?

What do you do then? Get one with crazily high velocity or stick with a low FPS? You’ll have to decide that but know this; with airsoft guns, a higher FPS is better than low; seriously, where is fun if your opponents barely realize they’ve been hit?

On the other hand, if you’re considering a higher level FPS, and we’re talking something crazily high, you can be sure you are not going to be able to just grab it off the shelf.  You’ll have to get one custom-made but as we mentioned earlier, in most airsoft fields there are FPS limits and anything higher than that may not be allowed anywhere near the playing ground.

That said, commercially you may be able to find an airsoft gun with FPS capped a little over 550FPS with 0.2g BBs. That’s about the highest you can get “legally.” True, there have been guns with up to 1000FPS, but most fields only allow lesser.

Commercially Available Options

With a “higher-end” spring pistol, you can get an impressive but average FPS (up to 350) though, however, with some upgrades here and there, it should be able to shoot higher.

The FPS can vary on CO2 types but generally around 350, but with specific models, (usually revolvers); you can get up to 450 or around that FPS.

Unmodified LPAEG types are relatively low, (240) but with some fiddling, they can shoot up to 350 and can also boast a decent amount of ROF (rate of fire).

With airsoft guns, you should know where to draw a line. Granted, combined with the right tactics, airsoft guns that shoot faster will give you a significant advantage over your opponents, so it’s easy to get tempted, go all the way and then tinker a little too much with your purchase. Resist the urge to do so, because even if you manage to bypass field rules, you put others in danger of injuries and you do not want that, do you?

Airsoft Guns Accuracy

The accuracy of your airsoft gun will determine if you can correctly hit opponents in an airsoft battle. The FPS of your gun is tied to the precision; a reason many airsoft players tweak their weapons to high FPS levels after purchase. So, how accurate are some of the best and most commercially available airsoft guns? No particular answer for that because for one; you can’t rely wholly on the FPS of your arm when it has to do with putting your shots on target. You need to factor in things like distance, windage, ballistic drop, and the sights of your gun, etc.

Also, is your gun sufficiently calibrated to engage long-range targets? Those are the questions you will have to answer. But it is essential to have a weapon that lets you aim faster as you have only just a few seconds to act if an opponent charges through.

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Yes, anything coming at the average airsoft speed of 250-350FPS or more should cause some level of pain. However, two factors can determine how much pain you feel when you get hit, and they are;

Where you are hit

A part of the body covered by only skin and very little fat or muscles will hurt more. Some of the most painful hits are in the fingers (can be excruciating at the nail or tip of the finger), forehead, ear, mouth area, etc. If you are wondering why the eyes are not included, it is because you are expected to protect them ALWAYS with the right facewear.

The velocity of the bb hitting you

We all get so carried away by the FPS that we give very little attention to the energy even when they matter equally. Heavier bb’s save their power much better as they travel to the target so that the impact will be considerably higher. A 0.45g bb from a 550FPS sniper rifle is likely to cause some pain, and a 0.25g bb fired from the same gun may barely be felt.

What is the best airsoft gun?

It’s tough to say which one airsoft gun is the best as “best” is relative and dependent on what you need in an airsoft gun.

However, based on popular demand, user reviews, and personal experiences, we would say the gas blowback airsoft pistols are some of the best airsoft guns you can find. Gas blowbacks are highly realistic and high precision airsoft guns. Also, they are semi-automatic airsoft that utilizes green gas or CO2 as a propellant. The compressed air is what expels the bb from the chamber without having to cock the slide each time like you would a spring airsoft gun.

The “blowback effect” of the gun causes it to recoil after each shot by simulating the movement of real handguns when fired. Also, gas semi-automatic blowback pistols can be fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger and recently, there have been pistols firing in semi-automatic and full-automatic that allows the user the option to hold down the trigger in full-auto firing mode and discharge an entire clip in just 1 – 2 seconds.

All in all, the super-realistic gas blowback guns are probably the closest to real firearms when it comes to airsoft. They are frequently used in law-enforcement training for their low cost and the high degree of realism they offer.

Still, this realistic appearance is also a reminder that you should always be mindful of local laws in your area and those in your environment. Openly moving around with one or more guns without the differentiating orange tips could alarm a lot of people and law enforcement who may know nothing about airsoft guns.

While all airsoft guns sold are fitted with the orange tips in the U.S help identify them, it isn’t always enough sometimes.

Airsoft gun types

Just as real firearms come in several categories, so do airsoft guns, because they are after all imitations of the original.


Ø  Sniper rifles

Ø  Assault rifles

Ø  Machine Guns

Ø  Shotguns

Ø  Pistols

There you go; choosing your airsoft gun as a first-timer may seem a little overwhelming with all the options to pick from and probably very little time to decide (you can’t wait to feel your first gun already). However, devoting some time to research before purchase will help you ensure you make an informed decision on the best airsoft gun, accessories, and gear that is perfect for you.


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