What Should I Wear for Paintball?

Sometimes we’re extra curious of something at some point. And ask questions such as what to wear in Paintballing? Blah blah.  So, if you have the same question, in a word generally the special Paintball clothing is provided by the arena and wore over our daily clothing and accessories.  But in some case, few teams use their own designed clothing to play.

So, we don’t need to own or have a full set of military fatigue but if you own licensed Paint Makers and private ground to play Paintball. So, in the following article, we’ll go through some dress code which can protect you from pain and bruises.   

Though we’ll get a set of protective gear and accessories kit except, use of some extra protection underneath. On other hands, you might own a playground, a Paintball club, or a licensed arena owner, etc. and want to use own clothing and accessories for the game.

Regardless of purpose here are some gear and accessories which can give you some extra protection in the game.


Quick Overview on accessories and kits – advisable for Paintball


Always carry a set of clothes for a quick change after the match ends.

Use darker colored clothing. A good example of the same is Camouflage or any dark solid colors such as grey or black etc.

Depending on the weather use sweatpants, sweatshirts and multiple clothes to protect your screen from the Paintball shots. Wearing multiple layers clothes reduce the pain caused by the Paintball. On an accidental shot in a close range.

To protect your foot from muscle pull or injuries, it is advised to use combat boots or athletic boots such as Hiking Boots.

Pick some loose fitting attire instead of narrow fitting for the better movement and activity.  


Bottom-half Clothing and accessories

Foot – Let’s begin with the footwear. One of the most common injury in Paintball is a twisted ankle. So, it is advisable to wear some Hiking boots with ankle supporter. Such footwear can give the player some extra grip on the slippery surface like Mud and protect the ankle from twisting.

If you want to keep your boot for parties than using some old one. As the boot will get dirty in no time with colors and mud in an open arena. Why you don’t find some washable boot for Paintball.

Legs – I do always use cargo pants with some inner inside to protect my legs from bruises and scratches. As an alternative, we can also use tracksuits or jogging pants as they are quite flexible for movement. Make sure you wear a loose-fitting dress while playing because the game requires greater physical activities.

So picking some dark colored Paintball pants are always advised. You can get one from the nearby Paintball store or online with extra protection pad in the knees which is

suitable for kneeling, and crawling, etc. during the match.


Top-half, wear this:

Shirts and Vests – The more you expose, the more the chances

of getting bruises or scratches. So, at the most to protect your skin keep your body covered as much possible.

So simply avoid the half-sleeves such as shirts or Paintball Vest.  Instead, use the full sleeve

hoody, jumper, or t-shirts to protect your skin from Paintball stings.  In the rain or snow don’t forget to pack your raincoat or waterproof jackets before leaving for the ground.  

I always to recommend special clothing for a Paintball match such the Paintball Vest.

Because the Paintball vests protect the body from the impact in close range. As they’re made for the Paintball Matches. So, it’s very natural the vests come with pockets for carrying a watch, water bottles, maps, radios, keys, and wallets, etc. during the game.

Jersey – As a team game it requires jersey to identify players in the distance.  So, in a nearby store, you’ll find many stores who provide options such as customized jersey. Jersey features lightweight, ventilation, etc.  Also the most advanced are capable of receiving impact and bounce backs too.

Customized jersey comes in unique color and pattern with the name, id, team name, and sometimes with sponsors. Overall these jerseys are in muted colors to take hideouts by mixing with nature.

Pod packs – These are designed to carry pods for holding extra Paintballs. Comes in both horizontal shapes and can be tied around the waist.

Pod belt pouch – Likewise Pod packs these can carry out as a belt. Also is an alternative to Pod belt pouch. Carry the belt instead if you need or allowed to carry little paint only.

Advanced Players

Following is the list of kits and accessories for advanced level players:

BDU – Battle dress uniform army fatigue pants

ACU – Army combat uniform

Others such as Paintball jersey, Paintball pants, Pod pack, Neck protector, Pod belt, Goggles, and Vest, etc.

Safety gears

As we already wrote about safety gears many times here is a recap of the same.

Facemask, Goggles, and gloves, etc. are must have safety gear for playing matches ensuring safety.


Seasonal dress code

As I am not a fashion expert, but it’s a bit difficult for me to comment upon the same. Regarding fashion today you can easily find accessories and dresses suits most by visiting any online store or nearby showroom. So, simply pick your fashion yourself from the 100s of variants. The I also believe the performance is the key to any sports. So focusing on the comfort from my experience here following is the quick list of summer & winter wear.

Summer – Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Jogging or Tracksuits, inners supports ventilations, etc.

Winter – Summer Jackets, Hoodies, Padded Jackets etc.

Remember the safety equipment are must and regardless of any specific season.  So, use professional padded suits are always advised. On another hand, taking shots on the face, abdomen and hands are quite painful and quite risky. So, keep on your mask, gloves and abdomen guard for safety during the game.




Knowing what to bring to your first paintball game can be a little tricky. Because of that, we have compiled a list of the things you need to bring and what you should not bring.

Extra Paintballs

There is no way you will play paintball without bringing paintballs to the field with you. The paintballs are spherical and are filled with dye or paint. It is these paintballs that you would load into your gun. You can then shoot opponents with the help of the compressed gas you have in your gun or marker’s tank.

There are different type and color of paintballs which are made by different manufacturers/brands. They also come at different prices. The basic idea you should have about them is that the more expensive the paintballs are, the better they are. Unless you are a professional paintball player, any type of paintball will do.

All in all, make sure you bring enough paintballs to last for the number of hours you want to play.


You do not have to follow any requirement when it comes to the kind of cloth you wear. However, because of the nature of the game, you should wear clothes that allow you to maneuver easily. Hence, you want to bring sweat pants, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts to the field if you and your team don’t have a uniform or matching clothes to wear.

Regardless of what you wear, wearing clothes that have colors that blend well with the environment will help mask you better during the game. Wearing a red shirt and trying to hide in a green environment will leave you sticking out to your opponents!

Water and Snacks

This is very important and unless you have visited the game field before and know that they have stands where you can buy water and snacks, you should bring yours. With the amount of running involved and the intense heat of the sun, you will be surprised at how thirsty you’ll be after a few rounds of paintball. Thus, come to the field with a lot of drinking water.

Also, if you suffer from low blood sugar or you get hungry easily, you should bring something you can munch during breaks in the game.

Allen Wrench or screwdriver

This is another important tool you should have with you when coming to play paintball. It is highly unlikely you will need a screwdriver but it can come in handy if you have issues with your paintball marker or gun.

Extra O-Rings

O-rings are a very important component of your paintball gun and tank. They are very notorious for blowing out the worse time possible. Because of this, you should look to having extra ones with you.


Hand towels are very helpful in wiping out paint/dye and dirt in between games during breaks in games.


Of course, this depends on your preference but they are a very handful in protecting your knuckles and gloves from the direct hit of paintballs.

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