What type of tank is the best for paintball, Co2 Tank or Compressed air?

The type of tank you should depend on you but we will try to explain all the advantages and disadvantages each has over the other.

The two tanks are heavily used by paintball players, either by a pro or a novice. The two work in very different ways which is how people can decide the type of tank they want.

Co2 tanks are usually filled with about 850 psi although it varies depending on temperature. Once you buy a Co2 Tank, you do not have to retest it or re-certify it again. It does not need any intensive maintenance checks and it is very cheap to refill. The co2 tanks can power more shots than other compressed air tanks of the same size/weight.

Compressed air tanks need to be filled using 3000 to 4500 psi. They come with regulators that regulate the pressure in the tank (A lot of Co2 tanks also come with regulators). This tanks can maintain longer constant pressure compared to the Co2 tanks. This means that Co2 tanks at times can freeze because the pressure of the Co2 varies with temperature. The implication of this is that inconsistent and inaccurate shooting are associated with Co2 tanks. On the other hand, tanks filled with compressed air produce very accurate shots.

Also, because the pressure of Co2 tanks varies with temperature, compressed air tanks are the best tank to play in places/fields with erratic weathers.

You should note that it is very expensive to fill compressed air tanks, unlike Co2 tanks which are very cheap. Also, unlike Co2 tanks, you have to subject your compressed air tank to hydro-testing and re-certification once in 3 to 5 years.

HYDRO-TESTING: Hydro-testing is a test that involves subjecting your tank to pressure higher than the pressure needed to fill it. This is used to test the tank for faults. If the tank passes the test, it means it is safe to use it for another 3 to 5 years.


Can you fill compressed air into your paintball Co2 tank?

The straight answer is YES but it is not advisable to do so! The reason for this is that while you can indeed fill it with compressed air, you cannot fill it with a lot of compressed air. The most you can get is about 900 psi. This is very small air compared to what you can fill a standard paintball compressed air tank. Any attempt to go beyond the 900 psi mark is dangerous and unsafe.

PAINTBALL CO2 TANK: Best Co2 paintball tanks and some Alternatives

To be a professional paintball player or a competitive one at least, you must ensure you have good gears that are compatible with the style of paintball game you want to play. These gears, as well as other necessary accessories and items, are very useful and handy in eliminating opponents with ease.

Though these items and accessories are needed, not all of them are compulsory to have. That is, you can decide not to use some of them as they do not affect you whilst playing. Their purpose is just to give you advantages in some situations. One of the most important accessories you need before you can play paintball is the paintball tank. Without having a tank, you can’t play paintball. Also, without having a good paintball tank, the amount of time you can play paintball will be very limited as you will find yourself running out of gas or air before long.

It is therefore important to invest, as much as you can afford, into paintball tanks that suit your style of play. Having said that, as a beginner or novice who is just getting started in playing paintball, deciding your choice tank can be a hard and stressful decision because there are lots to choose from. Because of that, we have examined most of the commonly used paintball tanks and have compiled the ones we think are very reliable.



Types of Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks come in different sizes and make. There are Co2 tanks, compressed air tanks, and even Nitrogen gas tanks. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks. Co2 Tanks were very popular when people were just starting to take an interest in the sport. One of the reasons for this is that it is not expensive to get. Now it is gradually being replaced by compressed air because Co2 tanks are prone to freezing under certain conditions.

The compiled list of tanks we have here contains the best Co2 paintball tanks in the market today and we also added tanks that use compressed air and nitrogen so that you can have a wide range of durable tanks to choose from.


Best Co2 Paintball Tanks

  1. Empire paintball Co2 Tank

I think it is safe to say that a list for the best co2 tanks used to power paintball guns will not be complete if Empire tank is not on it. One of the reasons for this is because before it is shipped, it has been tested by the manufacturers for any hidden faults. This means that as soon as you unbox it, it is ready to be filled with Co2 and instantly ready for use once filled.

It has the strongest repeater pin valve you will ever find in a Co2 tank built into it. The tank also has a recessed valve that makes it very easy to connect the tank to your gun. The tank is made of brass and has very strong brass fittings. It is durable and built to last very long even under intense use. The tank also has an aluminum cylinder which is not only light when handled but can also withstand any amount of activity or abuse it is subjected to.

The tank also comes to some important features needed for playing paintball such as hoppers, barrel condoms, pod and pod belts, etc.

  1. MAddog Aluminium Paintball Tank

This is another impressive Co2 tank that should be on the list of tanks you want to consider. The tank as its name implies is made using high-quality aluminum materials. This material makes it quite light without any drop in how sturdy it is.

With a single fill, you are guaranteed about 800 – 1000 shots which are good enough to last the full game of paintball thanks to its 20-oz capacity. This means your chances of running out of C02 air when a game is still in play is very low.

The tank itself can withstand lots of pressure and intense use. However, the built-in pin valve has a reputation for leaking when it is put under constant and heavy use.

  1. Tippmann Aluminium CO2 tank

There are two reasons why this tank can be the right fit for you either as a beginner or a regular player. One, the tank is made by one of the most popular brands known to produce paintball accessories and gears, Tippmann. The second reason is that the tank is well made and ready to be filled and use as soon as it is delivered to you.

The durability of the tank is superb and built to make sure you do not need another tank for a very long time. Another thing you will love about this tank is that it comes in different sizes which means you can go for the one that suits you best! The tank comes in 9, 12 and 20 – oz sizes. In addition, the tank itself comes with a manufacturing date label on it which shows you that it was recently produced and not an outdated tank that is close to expiring! Also, a pin lock regulator and adapter come with the tank too.

One drawback you should note is that the tank is a little bi

t heavier compared to other Co2 tanks in the same size range. This is quite surprising considering it is also made of aluminum like most of the paintball tanks that can be filled with Co2.


Best Compressed air paintball tanks

  1. Ninja Compressed air paintball tank

This HPA tank should be your first choice if you want a tank that will ensure a consistent supply of air on a game field. Because of the excellent and truly remarkable experience and performance it delivers, it is favored by a lot of pro paintball players.

The tank is made using Carbon fiber. This makes it light and sturdy at the same time. One of its main talking points is that it is a big HPA tank and can provide air that worth more than what you paid when filling it. Its unusual big size means it can last a couple of rounds before you need to refill, unlike some other compressed air tanks. It is very durable and its lightness means you won’t be weighed down by the tanks when playing. It also means your movement will be as natural as possible.

It is a very good tank to have if you are playing under game set-ups that require you to shoot accurate shots quickly!

One drawback is that the tank dents very quickly when subjected to intense abuse and heavy use.

  1. Empire Basics 3k Tank

The manufacturer of this tank, Empire, are one of the biggest paintball tank manufacturers in the world. They also produce Co2 tanks, paintball guns as well as other accessories that can be used when playing paintball.

This tank, the Basics 3k tank is a tank that can provide a steady supply of compressed air to your gun during a paintball game. it is made using aluminum material which means it is light and easy to handle. Its build is similar to Co2 tanks which is why it is a very good choice for you if you want to upgrade from using Co2 tanks to HPA tanks.

The tanks have a fill capacity of 3000 psi and have a built-in regulator. It is also very cheap compared to other fiber-wrapped tanks made to house compressed air. It is a budget tank that can be relied upon by both beginner and pro paintball players.

Filling the tank guarantees you about 500-700 shot. The total amount of shots you get from the tank depends entirely on the paintball gun you use. It is easy to maintain and is available for sale at an affordable price.

NOTE: Although the tank is made of aluminum and quite light, it is however still heavier when compared with other tanks constructed using carbon fiber.

  1. First Strike Hero Guerrilla HPA compressed air tank

There are a lot of reasons why you should go for this tank. The main reason is that it significantly increases your balance and accuracy when playing. It is a very good tank to go for if you need an affordable tank.

Although the tank is made using aluminum materials, it has a look that can easily make you think it is made using carbon fiber. You do not have to spend a lot of money in maintaining it which is also very impressive.

The tank is more compact and small although it still holds the same amount of air a typical compressed air tank hold. Its compact size is the reason why it improves the balance of your paintball gun. It comes with a plastic cap which means the treads of the tank is well protected when the tank is not in use. The tank is a high-performance tank you will find very handy. It even comes with extra burst disks if you need to replace the one installed on the tank.


It is safe to say now that you must have picked one or two helpful information that will guide you to pick or choose the best air tank for your paintball gun. The most important thing to remember is that you want to choose the tank that is very easy to manage and not just lightweight. Remembering that will prevent you from buying a tank that does not fit your budget.


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