When Did Airsoft Begin? How did it start?

Airsoft is a fun game played and loved by many people all over the world, and most people will take no hesitation to decide if they’ll like to participate in an airsoft game if given a chance the answer will likely be a huge yes. Lets look at what airsoft is to explain better why it is loved by many people, Airsoft is a game made up of team members trying to shoot the other team members with replica air weapons known as airsoft guns which fire spherical projectiles when launched, to clarify an airsoft game is different from a paintball game even though they are similar in many aspects. With the worldwide love for this game we would like to look at its history from when and where it started to how long it has come since then to be a worldwide game choice for so many people.

Where it all began

Airsoft originated in Japan in the early 1970s as a way to solve or attend to the request of the Japanese people who had a thing for guns and who were shooting enthusiasts while facing Japan’s strict laws on gun control. It was trademarked or branded as “soft air guns,” it was illegal for citizens to own firearms but was legal to own firearm replicas as such these airsoft guns were made to satisfy the desired needs of the Japanese gun lovers. The name ” soft air ” refers to the compressed Freon – silicone oil (also known as the green gas) which was used as a propellant. The replicas were made to fire plastic pellets (plastic bullets) unlike the real guns that fired real live ammunition ( real bullets with metals), with the airsoft guns becoming more popular and common in Japan more Japanese companies jumped into manufacturing them on a larger scale and soon an airsoft gun could be seen everywhere in Japan.

With the widespread of the airsoft guns in Japan, the airsoft guns spread to other Asian countries like the Philippines, Korea, China where strict gun control was also being imposed. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the airsoft guns had spread to Europe with the main country being the United Kingdom and to North America and other parts of the world. The airsoft guns were originally made and used for targeting practices but as time passed people started using it on each other in a simulated warfare, the creation of plastic pellets was soon realized, and it is considered a revelation or turning point in the game as people could fire shots at each other without being injured or hurt.

How it was spread around the world

With the airsoft guns being popular in Japan which increased manufacturers, it was quick to spread to Europe and North America in the early 1990s, the ideas of the airsoft game had already gone worldwide by then and were loved by the people around the world. In the earlier days of the airsoft guns, they were sold in pieces and had to be assembled manually for it to be able to fire plastic pellets but as we live in a world where change is always constant the modern guns now come if not completely assembled then almost completely assembled with few parts for you to assemble. With the widespread of this games, some foreign companies got involved like LS from United Kingdom got involve and the American company known as Daisy is sometimes being credited for being the first manufacturer to make a replica air gunfire plastic BBs(bulletin balls). Actually, the American company was only re-branding airguns from the Japanese company known as Maruzen and then introduced into the American market as “soft air guns.”

Why did it become so popular

Who won’t like a game of playing or pretending to be a soldier who has to carry out tasks and has the opportunity to shoot at enemy team members with a chance of eliminating them? Well, most original fans of airsoft were young men who wanted to replicate their favorite action models in a more realistic way and bring their imaginations to life. Growing influences such as pop culture, strategy shooting games and of course the history and admiration for the military also contributed to its wide popularity, with all these the game was improved upon by adding rules, strategical elements, and new game modes. Some people are insinuating that the games were developed to compete against the popularity of the paintballing game, this might be true to an extent or not but airsoft is considered to be a more strategic game which involves you to use your body and your head. Maybe this is why the game is used during military training and police training, also with the Internet at our disposal, it is much easier to set up and organized airsoft games with social groups. With easier communication now the popularity of airsoft shows no signs of ever slowing down and is also growing as an official sport.

The revelation of the AEG (automatic electric gun)

In the early 1990s, Tokyo Marui developed the first automatic electric gun or AEG as commonly referred to today. It is considered to be one of the biggest developments in airsoft, and the AEG brought more rapid-fire element which added a realistic rate of fire goes accompany the gun looking very real as a real firearm. The Japanese company focused on building radio-controlled toy cars, so they found a way to adapt the motors to build the internal gearbox system that is used in electric guns. Tokyo Marui tried kept on trying to develop and improve range and accuracy in their guns throughout the 1990s. The hop-up system that is commonly used in modern airsoft guns today was developed during this period.

Airsoft becoming a rapidly growing sports

Airsoft keeps growing as sports each year, in the United States airsoft has rapidly grown in the past decades as it is practiced in schools who have their own airsoft teams as an unofficial sport. A close one to Cedar Cliff would be the Penn State Altoona campus in the unites states, other events are also organized annually with rewards and prizes for the winning airsoft team. In some few years, time airsoft will be a worldwide official sport like soccer and basketball at the rate in which it is growing.

Airsoft fields dedicated just for the game

Being that it is illegal to play the game outside of private properties the games can only be played in private properties and official airsoft fields. How about that, it has its own authorized areas to be played like a football field and a basketball court, looking back at how it started who would have thought it will ever get this far especially In foreign countries far away from home.

More than just a game

Airsoft is more than just a game to have fun with friends or family now, with the strategic nature of the game even the military and police use it for their training. It is also used in rehabilitation for soldiers who might be suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) this just goes to show that the games aren’t just for fun but also can serve even a country what you will say about that? That’s a double standard game.

A fun game that has gotten this far

Generally, no matter how hard you try to explain the game it’s all about fun, strategy and being happy. This game won’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t interesting in the first place, you can even find people of all ages playing this game just to have fun so trying to look at the history of airsoft and how far it has gone can be explained in one a simple sentence, it is an awesome game that is loved by many as such it has come this far. It can be played with friends and family which makes it an even better game since everyone can participate in it.

Airsoft has come a long way from where it all began and today is a global game, it is even being more practiced in the United States more than where it was originally started. If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friend, or family, then you know the right game to satisfy and grant you that wish.

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