White River Paintball

The White River Paintball is a paintball facility in Indiana. It is the largest and biggest paintball facility for outdoor paintball games in Indiana. They offer the basic services offered by typical paintball fields which are Open play games and Private games. They also have a special event which they call scenario events.


They can be contacted through the following means:

  • Phone: 317-489-3732
  • Address: The facility itself is located at 5211 S. New Columbus Road Anderson, Indiana.
  • Website: You can also reach out to them on their website.

The White River Paintball facility also has several social media accounts where you can contact them. The best platform to reach out to them is their Twitter Platform. The account is very active and they typically reply to you within hours of tweeting them.

Note: You should try, as much as possible, to follow them on all their social media platforms as they give huge discounts and special offers to people via their social media platforms.

Check out this cool video:

Paintball Fields

The Indiana facility has different fields to improve the fun you have when you use the facility. There are about 12 open playing fields. Each one of the fields simulates different kinds of locations and tell a different story. For instance, they have a field named Cambodia where the scenes of war are depicted. The Cambodia playing field even has a crashed plane. There is also a field named Cargo City.

The cargo city is a unique field in the facility. It is a new field and was not part of the facility’s original game fields. If you have played PUBG or Fortnite before, then you should not be too surprised at the awesomeness of the field. The field was designed with a lot of technical expertise put into constructing a visually impressive and physically challenging game field.


Private parties

You will be glad to know that the White River Paintball facility also has provisions for special and private events. If you are looking for a way to make your kid’s birthday a remarkable one, and you are close to this facility, you should consider taking the kid to the facility to play paintball with his or her friends.

Note: Kids have to be at least 10 years of age before they can play Paintball at the Faculty.

Other events like bachelor parties, get-togethers with friends and schoolmates, School extracurricular activity, corporate and office team spirit building, and many more. You just have to contact the facility to make reservations before the day of the party.


Scenario Events

The scenario events created by the White River paintball facility is an experience you would not forget in a long time. The facility spends a lot of time putting lots of detail into making the game field as close to the moment in history that is being relived. To qualify for the event, you have to pre-register on the facility’s website.

For the Scenario Events which usually last 3 days, the camping area is available for the players with bunkers provided. Players with RVs are welcome although the facility will not provide water and electricity for you.

There is a Pro-Shop where you can purchase firewood. The Pro-Shop also have flush restrooms for men and women, paintball gears and lots more.

Some hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets (Wal-Mart) are within driving distance of the facility (within 3 miles out).

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