Why Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns are Amazing

Playing airsoft is a favorite sport because of its military simulation setting complete with the right apparel and accessories. There are a variety of airsoft guns such as spring-powered, battery-operated, and gas-powered. In this article, we will learn about gas airsoft guns.

Some players choose the gas-powered airsoft guns because of its ability to simulate reality. Using gas-powered airsoft guns tends to manifest power and puts the player in a realistic simulation because it emits green gas or CO2. Because it emits green gas, gas-powered airsoft guns have a blowback action that simulates the feature of a real rifle.

But for many players, learning how to play with different airsoft guns could add to self-esteem, strengthen skills, and earn some recognition because it takes training for players to master in handling all of these different guns.

Different kinds of airsoft guns

Before you purchase a gas-powered airsoft gun or before you start playing it, ensure that you have also tried using other basic guns such as a spring-powered gun. A spring-powered gun requires you to cock your gun manually. Think of learning how to play with a spring-powered gun as training because you could learn how to operate a gun.

Gas-powered airsoft guns usually require you to perform complicated procedures, and it might be challenging for those who do not have basic knowledge with operating guns.

But of course, many players prefer different guns to use. Most players prefer using electric-powered guns, but for those who have experiences with handling and firing a real pistol then they are more likely to prefer a gas-powered airsoft gun. As long as you?re familiar with handling basic guns, real or airsoft, such as the spring-powered gun then handling gas-powered guns would be easy.

For every kind of sport, there must be a gear. For example, tennis players prefer using rackets with as light or as heavy as they prefer. An archer has his or her bow and arrow crafted and specialized. It?s no different with airsoft guns. You might prefer this brand over the other. Or you may prefer this type of gun over the other. But you must understand how different guns work. You might want to compare using gas-powered guns apart from the others.

A. Spring-powered airsoft guns

This is one of the basic guns. They are also regarded as cheap, but the price varies from one country to another. This gun works mechanically with the use of a spring to push the BBs down to the barrel. It will be easy to handle, but it would depend on the power of the spring too.

B. Electric-powered Airsoft Guns

The second type of airsoft gun is the electric-powered gun. It is the most common airsoft gun that is being used in the world. It runs with a rechargeable battery, and it usually comes with a charger. You can select different fire capabilities that you can switch from one to the next. These fire capabilities include single fire modes, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

C. Gas Airsoft Guns

A much more advanced and sophisticated airsoft gun is the gas-powered gun. Gas-powered air guns emit green gas. Green gas or propane gas is usually used, but CO2 is also used. CO2 tends to shoot at a higher FPD. Other guns could be used such as HFC134a refrigerant, and even nitrogen gas could be included in the list too.

You don?t have to cock it manually like a spring-powered airsoft gun because you will use gas to push the BB down the barrel. Gas-powered guns are usually semi-automatic, but most advanced models can be fully automatic.

Gases that are used in gas-powered airsoft guns

There is a variety of guns that you could use. The most typical gas that is being used is a combination of polysiloxane and lp. The combination is known as natural gas. The least gas being used is the chlorofluorocarbon.

According to The Ozone hole, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as a volatile derivative of methane and ethane. A common subclass is the hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which contain hydrogen, as well. (Reference: http://www.theozonehole.com/cfc.htm)

Chlorofluorocarbon is known as the reddish fuel. Emitting this gas is dangerous to the ozone layer. This gas has been banned in the United States because of its dangerous elements.

If you are planning to play with gas-powered guns, it is recommended to learn what type of gas that is safer to use. For example, you shouldn?t use pressurized gas if you are not trained to use it properly because you will need to perform high operating pressures. Performing it incorrectly will cause damage to the gun. If you insist on using pressured gas, learn to handle it correctly with an expert.


Some players may seem to shy away from using gas-powered guns because it may seem too complicated.

The best gas-powered airsoft gun usually offers a variety of features. You can play gas-powered gas for many functions such as single-shot, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. They are also bought at a reasonable price. It is much more expensive than a spring-powered gun, but it is much cheaper than an electric-powered gun. A spring-powered gun could just operate at one function because it is merely limited to functioning with a single shot.

When choosing between electric vs. realistic guns, airsoft players usually choose gas-powered guns instead because of its realistic aesthetic and the way they feel stronger and much more in power.

Another advantage of playing with a gas-powered airsoft gun is its Iblowback mechanism. This mechanism is exclusively ingrained in gas-powered guns. It usually costs a little, but it is worth it because it provides reliability of the marker when you are heating. Most people use fuel as a favorite airsoft intelligent weapon, but you have to make sure that it could accommodate as much BBs as it could.


One of the disadvantages is that operating a gas-powered airsoft gun is much more complicated than using the other types. Other players consider using spring-powered guns because it costs less and much simpler to handle. Most players merely use electronic-powered airsoft guns because it is easier to handle when it comes to firing targets.

Melted gases such as the green gas used in gas-powered airsoft guns usually decrease the speed of the shooting rate because it cools down the procedure of the marker in regions that have contact with it.

Another disadvantage is the potential for freezing, slugging, and ceasing of the gun when the propellant is repositioned at high velocities through the thin apertures. It might not happen a lot, but there are rare instances that it could.

Gases could even be harmful when emitted. The skin and eyes are vulnerable when exposed to these gases. If you are playing with a gas-powered gun, it is recommended that you must cover yourself well with the right apparel. Use head and face gear just so to avoid burns, skin irritation, or inhaling gas.

You could use a Laser to avoid the freezing, but it is also reported that various gasses could damage the gun such as using of pressurized nitrogen. Applying blowback also uses petrol quickly, so you will have to bring sacrifice bins around. In automatic firing games, this could be a hassle. You might even slow the team down in moving around.

The verdict with gas-powered guns

Every player has his or her preferences when it comes to which gun they are going to play with. Some players might be comfortable with mechanically cocking their guns, so they use spring-powered guns, but others would want to try playing with gas-powered guns.

You will need to study the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to purchasing a gas-powered gun. The ones listed here are mostly for general information, and the advantages and disadvantages will vary depending on the brand and type of the gas-powered gun.

The best thing about gas-powered guns is its ability to simulate reality. This feature enhances the gaming experience, and the aesthetics and results would excite the players because it would feel like shooting real guns. But please do not forget that using the blow-back feature because it consumes the gas faster.

Players tend to think that owning a gas-powered airsoft gun is just for luxury and for manifesting reality. Most practical players merely own a spring-powered gun because it costs less. Other players merely own electric-powered guns because they only want to play to enjoy. But if you would want to be an expert in playing airsoft, you must also learn how to operate a gas-powered airsoft gun.

If you have been shooting real guns, it wouldn?t be a problem to operate a gas-powered airsoft gun. Just keep the advantages and disadvantages in mind when choosing which brand and type will you buy. Though as stated before, you must also learn how to use spring-powered and electric-powered guns, so that you may learn how to distinguish one type to another.

With its sophisticated features, gas-powered airsoft guns are becoming popular now.

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